The Engredea “Deep Dive” Report is a 30-50 page report delving into a specified ingredient or health condition category from the editors of Engredea and Nutrition Business Journal.

Each topical “Deep Dive” takes an exhaustive look at market demand, providing suppliers & manufacturers alike all the business intel they’ll need to navigate today’s choppy waters.

Don’t miss this opportunity to align your brand with a specific focus area. No other content in the market views respective topics more exhaustively or authoritatively. Underwriting an Engredea “Deep Dive” Report links your category expertise with respected industry editorial and ensures your company’s alignment as a category leader.


January: Digestive Health Products Addressing Whole Health Solutions
Digestive health, beyond single theories and magic bullets, digestive health affects all body systems; the gut-brain access, metabolism, DOMS. There are many approaches to optimization and support, depending on the targeted end-result – probiotics, prebiotics, fermentation, enzymes, food combining, botanical supports. This Deep Dive report will explore the complexities associated with Digestive Health.

February: Supplement Delivery Systems – New Frontiers and Technologies
Liposomes, nanotech, liquid oils, soluble fibers, soft gel, veggie cap, tabs, filler and excipients, what delivery format is right for what market? An exploration of various delivery technologies and the market drivers for each.

April: Amazing Grains
The emergence of ancient grains in the market, the role of regenerative agriculture, and the evolution of Organic are being driven by consumer demand for more variety, reduced allergens, and true desire for simpler basics. With all of that, there is also rising development of specialty hybrids and biotech compliments to find ways of bringing more health to more people. We’ll navigate the territory we’re in to look forward at the territory ahead for how we fee the world with grain.

May: Women’s Health, Life Stages – Prenatal – Menopause
Women’s health, it’s al about comfort for all life stages. Here we’ll explore solutions and innovations in care and comfort from adolescence through menopause, and the many conditions and concerns within. This report will view data driven market trends, identifying opportunities, awhile exploring holistic approaches for optimizing health and vitality for women.

June: The Long Tale of the Supplement Industry, a Look Behind to Find the Way Ahead – Deep Dive Special Report for Inside the Bottle
See program description

July: A Deeper Look into Labs and Testing – ID, Quality, Adulteration Oh My!
What makes a quality laboratory? It depends upon what you are testing. When do you test? It depends upon what you are testing for? The report will dive into and explain what to look for and why chain of custody testing is critical. An overview of Quality controls, GMPs, and FSMA will be included, and a view of what is regulated and what is voluntary will be compared.

September: Feeding the Good Food Future Special Deep Dive Report, Specific Topic TBD.
See program description

October: Vision Health
The visions and eye health market is on a steady upward trajectory. Screen time and extending lifespans are generating new opportunities for product developers, and the science to support innovation has never been stronger. This report will provide a market overview, and explore some of the latest science and research driving new ingredient development to provide solutions.

November: Sexual Health – the Subject Everyone Cares About and Few Care to Talk About
Sexual function, reproductive health, fertility for both men and women, subjects all are concerned about at various life stages, but few talk about outside the physician’s office. New research on ingredients, and lifestyle, address many needs with supportive whole-health approaches. This report will explore the health challenges, and new findings to support optimal function.

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